Flowers Pollen from Spain 500 g

Flowers Pollen from Spain 500 g
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Flowers Pollen from Spain 500 g

Pollen from Spain

 Pollen are  the male reproductive cells of flowering plants and are produced in the stamens of the flower. When the bee visits a flower, the pollen grains adhere to their coat. With the help of trained so-called pollen combs on the legs, they are brushed out of the coat and carried in the pollen baskets of the legs. To make the pollen sticky, a small amount of nectar or honey is added. As the so-called "pollen loads" they are then registered in the stock and stored in the cells of the honeycomb.

 Because of his drug pollen spectrum,  it is ideal as a natural preventative against various "phenomena of civilization" such as stress, weather changes, insomnia and indigestion. In particular, the vitamin content of pollen ensures that weak states have no chance.

Commercial Chemical Laboratory Hofmann. Certificate No.: 227726/2004 organochlorine pesticides (GC) - not detected

 Caution for allergy sufferers! Bee products are potential irritants that can trigger life-threatening situations for allergy sufferers. Therefore, they should obtain prior to using the advice of a medical practitioner or physician.

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100 g. contain an average of:
Calorific value: 275 kcal

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