Production of cedar oil


The cedar nut oil with the trade mark

"The Ringing Cedars of Russia"

Company "Megre" Russia

The oil from cedar nuts is gained in the Urals and Siberia since ancient times, as our forefathers used cedar oil there at that time in the kitchen.

The flavor of the cedar oil is nice, the color is bright golden yellow to amber or entirely perfect, the nutty taste.

As a natural food product, the oil of cedar nuts in its application has practically no contraindications.

The cedar nut oil, "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" is different from many other types of cedar nut oil in the following points:

1. The processing is done from the finest grades of cedar nuts and in a complex and gentle cedar cold press method, so that the oil is in no way related to the metal and keep the energy, vitamins and trace elements get the cedar nuts.
2. The village in Siberia, where the oil is won is located in the ecological region of taiga far away from industrial areas.
3. The oil has a lot of positive energy. This is because that the inhabitants of the village work in the oil presses only in good mood and only if they like to work. They know no stress and no pressure.
4. The 100% cedar nut oil has no preservatives and no additives.

Thanks to Anastasia, the wise woman living in the Siberian taiga, we have learned from this ancient traditional and effective technique of the cedar nut oil, which is currently the best cedar nut oil in Russia.


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