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Soap Shampoo "Kedra" 80g

Soap Shampoo Kedra 80g
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Soap Shampoo "Kedra" with honey and taiga herbs, based on cedar oil

By the vegetable oils contained in soaps shampoo, her hair is nourished and refined. Due to the composition of the essential oils and the addition of honey, it gently cleanses and helps the condition of the scalps and the structure of the hair to improve.

Ingredients: herbs: nettle, chamomile, tansy, oils: cedar oil, burdock root, grape seed oil, shea butter, jojoba oil. Natural essential oils: Siberian cedar, Himalayan cedar, rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint. Manuka honey.

Contains no dyes, preservatives or animal fats. Not firms the skin!

Lather the soap in hands on, then massage into damp hair. Approx. 1 minute, the scalp and the hair rub the soap shampoo. Then rinse with warm water. Suitable for frequent use. Not recommended for people with bleached hair!
For all hair types.

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