Spoon of cedar wood 9 cm

Spoon of cedar wood 9 cm
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Spoon of cedar wood 9 cm

Spoon of cedar wood 9 cm

In the Urals and in Siberia antibacterial effects of cedar  wood are known since ancient times. That's why we keep at home and use dishes, cutlery and simple household appliances, made of cedar wood.
Anastasia says, that cedar oil should only be obtained with the help of the cold-pressure method, in no way in a contact with metal, as it decreases the quality and the energy of the oil. Oil should also be taken by a cedar spoon, or directly with a glass or a pottery vessel.
It's fun for children to eat with a cedar spoon, that besides isn't harmful to the teeth.


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Because of the balanced humidity climate in the doses all sorts of natural salt remain dry and don\'t clump. Bread, tobacco, cereals, muesli, tea and spices, as well as milk and honey remain optimally fresh in such supply doses.

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Handmade cedar nut oil 250ml

Handmade cedar nut oil 250ml

The entire manufacturing process takes place exclusively in a cedar house and exclusively on wood-made plants, which allow the product to be breathed.

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Cedar Nut Oil, 100 ml

Cedar Nut Oil, 100 ml

Since time immemorial the cedar oil has been produced from cedar nuts in the Urals and in Siberia. The ancient ancestors used cedar oil already at that time in the kitchen.
The cedar oil is pleasant to the taste, is light yellow to golden or amber- colored and the nut flavor is completely outstanding.

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Day Cream

Contains cedar resin, beeswax, propolis and cedar nut oil. The cream provides the skin with biologically active substances, moisturizing, increases the elasticity of the skin and protects it from the negative environmental impact.

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Soap Shampoo

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Soap Shampoo "Cedar" with honey and taiga herbs, based on cedar oil By the vegetable oils contained in soaps shampoo, her hair is nourished and refined. Due to the composition of the essential oils and the addition of honey, it gently cleanses and helps the condition of the scalps and the structure of the hair to improve.

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Tooth Paste

Tooth Paste "Cedra"

"Cedra" is exceptional, UNIQUE tooth paste.
Dental care product for white and healthy teeth, strengthens the gums by a combination of natural active substances that protects from imflammation, maintains the teeth and protects you against caries and parodontosis, increases the effect of the mechanical tooth cleaning and provides long fresh breath.

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